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What’s the Difference Between Task and Time Management?

The terms “task management” and “time management” are often used interchangeably, yet they are distinct disciplines. Learning the differences between the two can make you better at both. So what exactly is the difference then? Task management is the discipline of planning and executing what you need to do: which … Read more

Anti-Resolutions: What WON’T You Do This Year?

As the new year begins, it’s common for people to create a list of New Year’s resolutions: goals you want to achieve, habits you want to start or break, projects you want to complete. Most resolutions don’t work because we don’t make them actionable or we don’t shift our identity … Read more

Are You Missing This Step in Your Year-End Review?

Do you do a year-end review where you take a look at what you did the past year and develop plans for the next? End-of-the-year reviews are wonderful to help you reflect on what you did this year and can be used to inform how you approach next year. But … Read more

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8 Pieces of Productivity Advice from a Chat AI

Last Wednesday, OpenAI released their newest AI text generation model, ChatGPT, and I started experimenting with it to find out what sort of productivity advice it might give. Turns out, it’s not so bad. Some of it I couldn’t say better myself. Read on to see the advice it gave … Read more

Stop Estimating Your Time—Do This Instead

You’re probably familiar with the concept of time estimation, but have you heard about time allocation? What exactly is the difference between estimating your time and allocating your time? Accurately estimating time is hard.  Time estimation is both an art and a science. For repetitive and simple tasks, you can … Read more

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Get The Most Out of Your Downtime: Learn to Slack

“Slacking off is wrong. You’re harming your progress whenever you’re taking breaks and not staying 100% focused on your goals.” Have you heard this before? It’s a common thing in the workplace and sometimes we end up applying this mentality in our personal lives as well. But what if I … Read more

Stop Throwing Boomerangs!

The Pitfalls of Automation: Why Manual Planning Still Wins

Technology tools are created each day. Their purpose? They make our life easier.  The same goes for auto-schedulers. These tools use artificial intelligence to create your schedule. Their promoters bring up arguments like saving time and leaving guesswork off the table when comparing auto-schedulers to manually planning your day. But … Read more