Daily Planning

Messy desk with crumpled pieces of paper on it

How to Restart a Daily Planning Routine

Last week I fell out of my daily planning routine. Day after day I created…no plan. The problem of falling out of a daily planning routine is that you lose all momentum, and then getting started is that much harder. As your unplanned days pile up, you forget what it

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A structured daily plan sitting on a desk

How To Find the Best Structured Daily Planner

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of tasks, appointments and activities you need to do in a day? Do you feel like you never get anything done and that your time is slipping away from you? If so, then it might be time to consider using a structured

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Businesswoman lying on a pillow

Find Balance with Buffers: 3 Benefits for a More Resilient Life

Perhaps you’ve heard that you should be adding buffer time when estimating projects or planning your day. Even outside the discipline of time management buffers are recommended for financial stability—to keep a certain amount of savings to buffer against unexpected expenses. But how do buffers actually work to make you

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Woman leaning back & stretching in office chair

Get The Most Out of Your Downtime: Learn to Slack

“Slacking off is wrong. You’re harming your progress whenever you’re taking breaks and not staying 100% focused on your goals.” Have you heard this before? It’s a common thing in the workplace and sometimes we end up applying this mentality in our personal lives as well. But what if I

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Stop Throwing Boomerangs!

The Pitfalls of Automation: Why Manual Planning Still Wins

Technology tools are created each day. Their purpose? They make our life easier.  The same goes for auto-schedulers. These tools use artificial intelligence to create your schedule. Their promoters bring up arguments like saving time and leaving guesswork off the table when comparing auto-schedulers to manually planning your day. But

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