Time Management

Desk with clock and task list

What’s the Difference Between Task and Time Management?

The terms “task management” and “time management” are often used interchangeably, yet they are distinct disciplines. Learning the differences between the two can make you better at both. So what exactly is the difference then? Task management is the discipline of planning and executing what you need to do: which

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Stop Estimating Your Time—Do This Instead

You’re probably familiar with the concept of time estimation, but have you heard about time allocation? What exactly is the difference between estimating your time and allocating your time? Accurately estimating time is hard.  Time estimation is both an art and a science. For repetitive and simple tasks, you can

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How much is your time really worth?

Common time management advice is to “know your hourly rate”. The idea is that if you know how much an hour of your time is worth, you can make better decisions with your time and money. Lots of articles have been written on how to figure out your hourly rate.

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My Time Management Failure

Today I’m going to own up to one of my own failures with time management. You might think that someone who is building a service to help people manage their time better would be good at time management.  Normally, I am. I’m building Day Optimizer because the process of creating

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