3-Step Planning Workflow

Create realistic daily plans by using a structured workflow designed around neuroscience principles

Why You Need a Structured Workflow

Make specific commitments

Deliberately choosing what to work on each day anchors those to-dos in your unconscious, which plants the seeds to help you avoid procrastination.

Avoid unconscious biases

Allocating time to your to-dos before you schedule them limits you from under-allocating time to them—a common bias once you see your real time limitations.

Optimize your day

Mapping out your time highlights trade-off decisions you need to make to focus on your priorities and to plan your day based on your time & energy constraints.

A 3-Step Planning Process

1. Commit

Decide explicitly what you plan to do today & commit to only those things to stay focused.

2. Allocate

Allocate how much time you want to spend on each item, to make progress or complete it.

3. Schedule

Create a schedule to keep you on track and see your available time to prioritize effectively.

See It In Action

See how the 3-step planning process works for building a daily schedule.

Each of the 3 plan types has their own structured workflow for building the plan. 

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