Trevor Lohrbeer

Messy desk with crumpled pieces of paper on it

How to Restart a Daily Planning Routine

Last week I fell out of my daily planning routine. Day after day I created…no plan. The problem of falling out of a daily planning routine is that you lose all momentum, and then getting started is that much harder. As your unplanned days pile up, you forget what it

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A structured daily plan sitting on a desk

How To Find the Best Structured Daily Planner

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of tasks, appointments and activities you need to do in a day? Do you feel like you never get anything done and that your time is slipping away from you? If so, then it might be time to consider using a structured

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How to Boost Productivity with the “Skip Today” Technique

Maintaining focus and productivity can be difficult in the fast-paced world of today. Finding effective techniques to lessen mental clutter is crucial since it frequently serves as a big obstacle to attaining our goals. Today we’ll discuss how the “Skip Today” technique can help clear your mind of distractions so

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Find Balance with Buffers: 3 Benefits for a More Resilient Life

Perhaps you’ve heard that you should be adding buffer time when estimating projects or planning your day. Even outside the discipline of time management buffers are recommended for financial stability—to keep a certain amount of savings to buffer against unexpected expenses. But how do buffers actually work to make you

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Desk with clock and task list

What’s the Difference Between Task and Time Management?

The terms “task management” and “time management” are often used interchangeably, yet they are distinct disciplines. Learning the differences between the two can make you better at both. So what exactly is the difference then? Task management is the discipline of planning and executing what you need to do: which

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Anti-Resolutions: What WON’T You Do This Year?

As the new year begins, it’s common for people to create a list of New Year’s resolutions: goals you want to achieve, habits you want to start or break, projects you want to complete. Most resolutions don’t work because we don’t make them actionable or we don’t shift our identity

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Android working at a laptop

8 Pieces of Productivity Advice from a Chat AI

Last Wednesday, OpenAI released their newest AI text generation model, ChatGPT, and I started experimenting with it to find out what sort of productivity advice it might give. Turns out, it’s not so bad. Some of it I couldn’t say better myself. Read on to see the advice it gave

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Stop Estimating Your Time—Do This Instead

You’re probably familiar with the concept of time estimation, but have you heard about time allocation? What exactly is the difference between estimating your time and allocating your time? Accurately estimating time is hard.  Time estimation is both an art and a science. For repetitive and simple tasks, you can

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Introducing Matt Ames, the new co-founder of Day Optimizer

Building a startup is hard work. I’ve been developing Day Optimizer over the past few years alone. Many of you have watched as I created a structured methodology aimed at helping you build realistic daily plans, and then implemented that methodology into the desktop + mobile web application that is

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