Introducing Matt Ames, the new co-founder of Day Optimizer

Building a startup is hard work. I’ve been developing Day Optimizer over the past few years alone. Many of you have watched as I created a structured methodology aimed at helping you build realistic daily plans, and then implemented that methodology into the desktop + mobile web application that is Day Optimizer.

But progress has been slow, as I’ve had to do everything from product development to marketing to customer success. So earlier this year I launched a formal search for a co-founder, based on a 6-step process I developed entitled How to Find the Right Co-Founder.

Today I am happy to announce the result of that process: Matt Ames joining as the new co-founder of Day Optimizer.

Matt Ames is a serial entrepreneur from Minneapolis, Minnesota who has dedicated his personal and professional life to helping others live with intent. He saw a blurb about my search in the Microns startup marketing newsletter and reached out to me back in February. We started talking and he stood out from over 20 other potential candidates as someone who shared my values, goals and vision for Day Optimizer.

Matt quickly became an avid user of Day Optimizer, learning both the methodology and the app, and has been helping me to refine both. You may encounter him in one-on-one onboarding calls (which you can schedule here) and customer feedback calls.

Matt is also spearheading the new partnership program for Day Optimizer, where we’re partnering with thought leaders in time management and productivity to do joint education and marketing (contact us if you’re interested or know someone we should partner with).

Key for those of you who use Day Optimizer every day to make the trade-off decisions necessary to make effective use of your time: Matt’s addition to Day Optimizer will allow Trevor to focus his efforts on accelerating product development. That means more features coming your way soon.

For now, please welcome Matt to Day Optimizer by sending him a congratulatory tweet or scheduling a personal onboarding with him.

– Trevor Lohrbeer

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