Top 7 Productivity Tips for Working at Home

Want to become more effective working from home?

Watch this webinar to learn techniques for:

  1. The Basics
  2. Avoiding Procrastination
  3. Limiting Your Distractions
  4. Improving Your Focus
  5. Building Your Momentum
  6. Managing Your Energy
  7. How & When To Plan

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The Top 7 Productivity Techniques for Working at Home



The Basics

  • SnoreLab (iOS / Android)
    Track your snoring and the reasons causing it

Avoid Procrastination

Limit Distractions

  • How To Turn on Do Not Disturb / Quiet Hours
    Mac | Windows | iOS | Android
  • How To Configure Screen Time / Digital Wellbeing
    Mac | iOS | Android
  • Freedom (Mac / Windows / iOS / Android)
    Block or set time limits for distracting apps & web sites
  • Stay Focusd
    Chrome extension to block distracting web site

Improve Focus

Build Momentum

Manage Energy

Stop Doing, Plan

  • Day Optimizer
    Desktop & mobile web app to help you mindfully plan your day so you can accomplish more
  • Scheduled To Do List Tutorial
    The paper & Excel version of the method Day Optimizer is based on for creating a daily schedule
  • Implementation Intentions
    Why implementation intentions help you achieve goals. Scheduling tasks is a form of time-based implementation intentions.

Other Resources