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Imagine what it would feel like to live a life full of intent. A life where every day the time you spend aligns with your goals and intentions. A life where you feel in control, even when work and life are not perfectly balanced. A life designed by you, not imposed on you.

I believe such a life is possible, but that it requires work. Work that is not difficult, but remains undone by most people. 

It can be a struggle to define what you want your life to look like. It can be a struggle to organize your thoughts and set priorities. It can be a struggle to translate your goals and intentions into a plan for how to spend each day. It can be a struggle to execute that plan without succumbing to distractions, interruptions and procrastination. 

Day Optimizer is a methodology—a series of concepts, techniques and frameworks—for making that work easier. To help you design and implement a life full of intent…and then continue to improve it over time.

At its core, Day Optimizer helps you create more realistic daily plans that align with your priorities, then execute those plans more effectively, so you regain control of your time.

But the methodology described herein goes far beyond creating and executing effective daily plans. It helps you anchor your work in your life goals and develop practices that help make those a reality.

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