If you discover you’ve made too many commitments for the day, or your schedule changes and you need to uncommit from commitments you previously made, you can Uncommit from a to-do. This will remove it from your daily plan, as though you had never committed to it in the first place.

If you are building or editing your plan, you can click the uncommit icon: a green circle with white dash in the center button next to a commitment to uncommit from it.

Otherwise, click the commitment to view its details and press the Uncommit button to remove it from your daily plan. This works from the Today screen or any step in the plan creation workflow.

animated image showing a mouse cursor first clicking an unscheduled commitment to open the details, then clicking "uncommit" at the top of the details

Skip Today vs Uncommit

Instead of choosing to Uncommit from a commitment, you may alternatively update its status to Skip Today by clicking on the status icon and selecting the Skip Today skip today icon: a green circle with with white background and green x in the center icon from the drop-down menu.

Skip Today keeps the to-do in your daily plan and allows you to reference it throughout the day. It also keeps a record of the commitment in the History view for a to-do. In contrast, Uncommit will remove all record of the to-do from the plan for that day.

Use Uncommit when you realize later that committing to a to-do wasn’t realistic in the first place and you don’t care about maintaining a record of your initial commitment.

Use Skip Today when you want to maintain awareness of your commitment and/or monitor how often you skipped it using the History view. Skipping tasks that you started today also allows them to stay active in your task flow and appear in your Unfinished Tasks list the next day. Otherwise, they get reset to New status and appear in the Tasks list when planning the next day.