Appointments represent fixed points in your day that you must schedule your other to-dos around. If you have a doctor’s appointment at 2pm, you can’t suddenly show up at 10 in the morning.

Appointments are automatically imported from your calendar, or can be added manually. Learn how to sync appointments with your online calendar.

View Appointments

A calendar of all your appointments is available using the Appointments item on the main menu. If you have sync active and don’t see a recent appointment that was created on one of your synced calendars, click the Resync button to resync your appointments.

Adding a New Appointment

To add an appointment while on the Appointments page, click the day you want to add the appointment for, then press the Add button in the upper-right corner. You can also add appointments when building your schedule by pressing the Add button in the Appointments box.

When adding an appointment, specify the duration of the appointment itself. Once you commit to the appointment when building your schedule, you’ll have the option to specify the full duration it requires in your day, including travel time there and back.

For instance, if you have an hour appointment from 2-3pm that takes 15 minutes of travel time each way, you can allocate 1h 30m to the appointment and schedule it from 1:45p to 3:15p when building your schedule.

Like activities, appointments also don’t participate in the task flow. You either went to the appointment or didn’t. If you didn’t, you may need to reschedule, but that creates a new appointment. It doesn’t automatically flow to the next day. Thus, like activities, appointments can only be marked either Done or Not Done.