Co-Founder Opportunity

The search is over! Read about my new co-founder Matt Ames. I’m leaving this page up as an example for others who might want to create their own co-founder landing page.

Ready To Make a Lasting Difference?

Explore a new path where you use your marketing skills to give the world a new way to manage time.

Hello there!

My name is Trevor Lohrbeer. I’m a serial entrepreneur who needs help.

I’m looking for a partner to join me in the journey of inventing a new way to manage your time. Someone who can focus on the marketing and operations side while I focus on the product side.

Over the past several years, I’ve been developing a time management method, currently embodied as a web app, centered on the idea of workflows to guide people through the planning process.

While lots of software exists for task management, little exists explicitly for time management. Instead, task managers or calendars are used as suboptimal substitutes. I want to change that. 

With Day Optimizer, I am creating new concepts and frameworks for managing time. I implement these into a SaaS web app that has a small base of paid customers who use it daily. I need your help to spread the word & grow the business.

Read through the tabs on the leftsections below to learn more about the opportunity, then if it sounds like something you might want to explore further, schedule a quick introductory call with me.

- Trevor Lohrbeer

Interested in Exploring This Opportunity?

Take the first step to see if this opportunity is right for you and whether we are a good fit for each other. Schedule a 30-minute introductory call with me.

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Have you said to yourself recently: I need a change.

Maybe you’ve been working in your career for a while and no longer feel challenged. You want to learn something new—to expand your skillset and gain new experiences. 

Maybe you’ve been working for other people’s startups, coming in as the 7th, 23rd, 256th employee. Never early enough to get significant equity. Never early enough to help shape the company. Now you want to be a founder.

Maybe you’re semi-retired, but not ready to hang up your hat yet. You’ve made enough money from your career or previous startups that you don’t need to work. But you want to—to make a difference in the world and leave a legacy.

Whatever the reason, you haven’t taken that step yet.

Perhaps you don’t have an idea that you’re passionate about pursuing, so you find yourself waiting around for inspiration or dabbling in ideas that seem good, but don’t give you enough conviction to make the leap.

Perhaps you don’t want to do it alone, but worry about how to make sure any co-founder you find is competent, compatible and will treat you fairly. You’re not sure how the process of finding a co-founder even works.

But something still drives you.

Maybe you feel fear—not of failing, but of not trying. Never taking the leap and then living with that regret. The fear of regret can be a powerful force for change.

Maybe you feel unfulfilled—like you’re not reaching your potential. You want to prove to yourself that you can help build a business. You want to learn new things while you leverage your existing skills to make an impact.

Maybe you feel bored—at a pinnacle in your career where the work is easy and you’re no longer growing. You want a challenge, a new type of puzzle to solve.

I may have an opportunity for you.



You want a collaborative relationship with a technical co-founder. You’re willing to work on an existing product & are open-minded about new approaches to time management.


You seek to leave the world a better place, not merely make money.

You prefer to work at a measured pace and maintain a work/life balance. You work hard when you work, but are not a workaholic.

You want to work for yourself and shape the direction of your future.


Be honest, have integrity and wisdom. Use that to make an impact in the world.

Strong At

Forming and maintaining high-quality relationships. You’re an extrovert at heart.

Creating content, forging partnerships, generating demand—ability to learn anything.

Excellent written and verbal skills. Able to communicate clearly & succinctly in English.

Decent At

Business Development
Finding, negotiating and managing partnerships so they are successful for both parties.

Hiring, overseeing others, nurturing culture, team building, firing quickly.


Adaptive, communicative, open-minded and a complement to my personality. Take your own PrinciplesYou personality assessment here (requires ~40 minutes).

Current Status

Financially secure for the next 12-24 months, either through your own funds or part-time work.


In a time zone that overlaps with North America and Europe for a few hours each day.

Interested in Exploring This Opportunity?

Take the first step to see if this opportunity is right for you and whether we are a good fit for each other. Schedule a 30-minute introductory call with me.

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Diving Deeper

Education-Based Marketing

Your marketing should help far more people than your product ever does.

Dan Martell

That quote from Dan Martell represents the core of what I think marketing for Day Optimizer will entail. He calls it “education-based marketing” and when (re)defining a space like time management software, I think it’s critical.

You should believe that the marketing is part of the whole product, not something separate from the product itself. Day Optimizer is not just a software application, but a method of managing your time with new concepts that can be used independently. Teaching that is critical.

I believe the success of this product requires not only improving on-boarding, but improving pre-boarding—the educational content people consume before they even touch the registration page.

Education-based marketing falls in between Customer Success and Marketing. It helps existing customers, while attracting new customers. While I’ll be helping generate educational material as needed, you’ll need to be a strong communicator to assist in these efforts.

Adaptable Lifelong Learner

Nothing works out as planned in a startup. I certainly have ideas of the skills and competencies Day Optimizer needs at this stage in its development. But those needs may change. 

One of the key differences between a founder and an employee is that when the business needs change, the founder adapts and learns the skills required to make it a success, while an employee often stays within the universe of skills they were hired for.

Founders are stewards of a business, helping to guide it through rocky waters to lands unknown. Employees are hired hands & agents, who often give their all, but don’t always hold that stewardship mentality. Are you a steward or an agent?

At its core, I believe it comes down to whether you are a lifelong learner. Someone who is adaptable, who has a growth mindset. It matters less if you’ve been a founder before than if you have the ability to learn what’s needed and to take ownership of the outcome.

As just one example, a month before I sat here writing this, I knew hardly anything about finding a co-founder. If I find you, it’ll be because I identified the need, then learned enough about finding a co-founder to launch this search.

I am a serial entrepreneur who has sold two previous startups for modest amounts of money and is focused this time on making an impact. I am no longer looking for the “big win” so I can retire. I’ve come to the realization that I love creating products and may never retire. 

Rather than sacrifice my health and sanity in pursuit of some unicorn exit, I’m working every day toward building a business that can support my lifestyle and the lifestyles of others.

As you read more about me below, pay attention to the way I think. What I say is less important than how I organize my thoughts. Any good partnership is built on trust and respect. If you respect how I deconstruct the world and find it valuable, then we might be a good match.

Anyone can build products, what I do is see the world differently and figure out ways to give that to others.



To help others live more fulfilling lives by reaching their potential. 


Creating mental models & frameworks that help people reason about the world to solve existing problems in new ways. 


I seek to change lives, not merely make money.

I try to be fair, open, trustworthy, competent and honest.

I try to be self-aware, admit my mistakes and make smarter decisions over time.

I am able to accept & lean into uncertainty, to learn through doing, and to grow & change.

I want to own the vision (with input from others), leave space to explore & support my travel.

Strong At

Architecture, full-stack development, testing, deployment, user experience.

Metrics & financial analysis; systems, critical path & scope analysis; identifying options.

Okay At

Running tests, creating messaging, copywriting, managing online ads, setting up tracking.

Creating layouts, having an eye for spacing & consistency. Lack higher-end design skills.

Customer Success
Creating training videos & documentation, handling support requests.

Weak At

Hiring, overseeing others, nurturing culture, team building, firing quickly.

Prospecting, relationship building & nurturing, closing deals. I’m an introvert at heart.


Growth Seeker (primary)
Defined by a deep passion for learning and personal growth and development. Tend to be curious, humble, open to new ideas and experiences, and adaptable.

Love to take in new knowledge and are drawn to new experiences through intrinsic motivations. Tend to be curious, open-minded, reflective and adaptable..

Adept at generating and translating concepts and ideas into effective strategies to achieve results. Tend to be both conceptual and structured thinkers, curious and open-minded, while also being reliable and pragmatic.

Current Status

I work half-time on Day Optimizer, sometimes bursting for a few months to full-time using the savings from the sale of my last business. I do consulting on the side to avoid draining my savings too quickly.


I live part-time in Asheville, North Carolina and part-time in Berlin, Germany.

Interested in Exploring This Opportunity?

Take the first step to see if this opportunity is right for you and whether we are a good fit for each other. Schedule a 30-minute introductory call with me.

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Dive Deeper

To learn more about me, explore my social media profiles and a selection of content I have created both as part of Day Optimizer and for other projects of mine. The only active project I have right now is Day Optimizer. All other projects are currently on hiatus, but could be revived if they make sense for building Day Optimizer or a future business together.

Day Optimizer



Play Video
A Process to Create More Effective Daily Plans
Play Video
A Framework for Deciding How & When to Enable Them
Play Video
For Working At Home


Mindful Productivity


The first draft of Mindful Productivity: The Art of Getting Things Done While Living a Good Life.

I wrote Mindful Productivity in 2020 during a challenge I set for myself to write a book in the 25 days before my 48th birthday. I had to give myself a 5-day extension to finish the first draft.

The first draft is a complete book, but is missing some chapters I didn’t have time to complete.

Download it or browse through it on the right.

YouTube Channel

After writing Mindful Productivity, I explored building a broader audience around productivity with a series of videos on YouTube, based on the chapters of the book plus some additional concepts I came up with.

Web Sites

Aside from Day Optimizer, I have three professional web sites that I’ve created over the years that you can browse to learn more about how I think.

Before Day Optimizer I built a life planning membership site.

Browse the list of life planning tools, including the Scheduled To Do List tool that eventually became Day Optimizer.

When I pivoted to building Day Optimizer, I made the membership free. I continue to get a few signups a month.

Lean Decisions aims to help people use the minimum amount of information & process to make successful decisions. 

For 50 twice-weekly posts back in 2012, I explored decision-making and started developing a pattern language for decision-making.

I put it on hiatus to sell my last company & haven’t return to it yet.

One of my first blogs where I explored the concepts of entrepreneurship, analytics, professional networking and technology.

My last post was in 2017 and some of the pages are outdated. I have other priorities right now, but it showcases my thinking process and how I approach business.

Social Media

I use most forms of social media in a limited fashion. It is neither a marketing nor a communication channel that I enjoy or am good at. Nonetheless, my social media posts may tell you more about who I am: 

Interested in Exploring This Opportunity?

Take the first step to see if this opportunity is right for you and whether we are a good fit for each other. Schedule a 30-minute introductory call with me.

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Day Optimizer is a time management web app that helps solopreneurs create more effective daily plans, using guided workflows based on neuroscience. 

For a 1-minute overview of the product, watch this explainer video.

For details on the benefits, features and theory behind Day Optimizer, as well as testimonials, its present state and future development plans, keep scrolling, or sign up for a free 7-day trial to try it out yourself.

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Never stuck to one system so long

I have used a lot of time management systems, and none have satisfied me…

[Because of Day Optimizer] this is the first semester of my long career where I was the first English teacher in the building to turn in my grades. But I’ve still made time to read and knit…  

I’ve never stuck to one system as long as I’ve stuck with Day Optimizer; I don’t see myself using anything else!

Read Full Testimonial >
Jen Cranston
Over 180 plans created in Day Optimizer

How Day Optimizer Changed My Planning

Play Video
Ana Tirolese
Over 350 plans created in Day Optimizer


See everything in one place

Day Optimizer shows your tasks, your calendar appointments, and your daily activities like habits & meals together, so you can more realistically plan your day.

Appointments are synced from all major calendar providers, and all data is synced in real-time between your desktop and mobile devices.

Limit task list distractions

One of the problems with a master task list is that looking at it throughout the day can cause you to be distracted by lower priorities on your list. 

Day Optimizer solves this by guiding you to create a daily commitment list where you only see what you plan to work on today.

To limit distractions while planning your day, you can also “snooze” tasks, so they disappear from the planning workflow until the date you specify.

Always know where you stand

Your day rarely goes exactly as planned. Even if you effectively planned your day at the start, knowing how to readjust your plans as things change can be hard.

Day Optimizer keeps track of how much effort you have remaining in your day and compares that to your time remaining—so you always know if you’re ahead of or behind schedule.

Balance competing priorities

Solopreneurs often have multiple competing priorities. Not only must they do the main work of the business, they need to acquire new customers, handle admin work and take time out to work on strategy.

Day Optimizer prompts you to consider each of your priorities each day, so you can effectively allocate time across those priorities and avoid the typical “feast and famine” cycle that ensures when you focus too much on any one area.

Leverage planning best practices

Day Optimizer uses a 3-step planning workflow that guides you toward building a more effective daily schedule.

Designed to leverage how your brain works and minimize your subconscious biases, the Day Optimizer planning process helps you to quickly & effectively plan each day.

Gain a sense of accomplishment

Ever look at your task list at the end of the day and wonder what you’ve accomplished? It feels like you did a lot of work, but didn’t get to check anything off.

Using the combination of a daily commitment list with Day Optimizer’s unique Done Today vs Done Forever status options, you can check items off your list once you’ve put in your time, even if you didn’t finish them. At the end of the day, see exactly what you worked on & feel good.

Interested in Exploring This Opportunity?

Take the first step to see if this opportunity is right for you and whether we are a good fit for each other. Schedule a 30-minute introductory call with me.

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