The search is over! Read about my new co-founder Matt Ames. I’m leaving this page up as an example for others who might want to create their own co-founder search process.

Help Me Find the Right Co-Founder

Help Me Find the Right Co-Founder

My aim is not just to find any co-founder, but to find the right co-founder. 

I believe the success of my co-founder search depends on how many potential candidates see the opportunity. The more people who see the opportunity, the greater chance I have of finding the right fit for my specific needs.

Can you help me out? Can you share the opportunity page on social media and send it to specific people you know who might be interested? Below you can find pre-written message to use—or feel free to write your own!

As a thank you, whoever refers someone who I choose to be my co-founder will earn a $500 finder’s fee.

- Trevor Lohrbeer

Send an Email or Private Message

To make it easy to send messages to your contacts, I composed some fill-in-the-blank templates you can use below. Feel free to use these or write your own. Whatever you do, thanks!

If You Know Me Personally

If You Don't Know Me

Inform the Media

If you know anyone in the media who would like to write an article about my co-founder search, please have them contact me. I’ve been documenting my process in Notion to give others a road map to follow if they also want to find a co-founder and would be happy to share my journey and what I’ve learned.

Like, Comment & Share

URL to Share:

As I make posts during the launch, I’ll add links and embeds below to make it easy for you to link, comment and share. Bookmark this page and come back to it later in the day and again later this week for updates. Thanks for any help you can provide.




If you’re the person who makes the co-founder I finally choose aware of the opportunity, I will pay you $500.

The way I’ll determine this is by: 

  • Asking how they found out about the opportunity when they schedule a call
  • Asking them directly during or shortly after the initial call, if no specific person could be identified

If more than one person is identified (because, for example, they saw multiple posts before deciding to schedule a call), then I’ll split the $500 among those identified.

I want to be fair to anyone who helps me. If no “finder” can be determined, I’d like to do a random drawing to give the $500 to anyone I can identify who helped increase the visibility of my search by liking, commenting or sharing it.

There’s some legal stuff around sweepstakes that I didn’t have time to look into before this launch, so I can’t promise anything right now.

But I’ve committed the money. So as long as I can figure out a way to do it, everyone will have a chance to win the money as a thank you gift. In which case, assuming it’s legal, each share, comment or like will be taken into account.

Share it on social media and send the offer via email or private message to people you know who you think might find it interesting.

Please don’t go overboard here and cross the line into spam. Violating the terms of service of a platform you are sharing it on, or sending the offer via email or a private message to someone you don’t know (aka cold email) will void the finder’s fee.