A structured daily planning app for entrepreneurs with ADHD

Struggling with a lack of organization, impulsiveness and inability to get things done?

Use a 3-step planning methodology based on neuroscience to help you plan and execute a more realistic day

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Day Optimizer is the secret planning tool used by successful ADHD entrepreneurs to keep them organized, focused, and tame interruptions.

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“I love Day Optimizer. It is the gift I didn’t know I needed.

All my life, I have been a huge procrastinator. I get lost in my list of tasks with no solid sense of how much time things take to be completed.

Enter Day Optimizer. Not only am I able to map out every aspect of my day, Day Optimizer helps me understand how much time my tasks take. I am able to plan my days accurately

Most important, Day Optimizer guides me from task-building to commitment to completion unlike any other scheduling system out there.”
Mel Coston
Freelance Consultant
Anatoly Dvorkin
Legal Entrepreneur

Plan Your Time Holistically

To effectively plan your day, you need to include everything that takes up time in your day:

  • Appointments from your calendar
  • Tasks you need to get done
  • Activities you do regularly that will never be done

Too often people forget about the last one: lunch, exercise, meditation, daily devotion, breaks—these all take up time in your day.

The result: you think you have far more time in your day than you actually do and you overbook your day. 

Day Optimizer prompts you each day to explicitly include in your plan appointments imported from your calendar, activities you do regularly and both in-progress and new tasks.

The result: you account for all of your time and create more realistic daily plans.

Stay Focused While Planning

Too many planning systems require you to answer too many questions at once:

  • What do you want to work on today?
  • How long do you want to work on each item?
  • When do you want to work on each item?

Day Optimizer breaks these into 3 different steps:

1. Commit

Decide explicitly what you plan to do today & commit to only those things to stay focused.

2. Allocate

Allocate how much time you want to spend on each item, to make progress or complete it.

3. Schedule

Create a schedule to keep you on track and see your available time to prioritize effectively.

Each of these steps require a different way of thinking, which can be muddled if you try to do them simultaneously.

By focusing on only one question at a time, Day Optimizer helps you avoid overwhelm and distraction while planning.

And by allocating time to each commitment before you schedule, you avoid the tendency to cheat yourself by underallocating time to tasks in a vain attempt to get more done.

Add Extra Time for Preparation & Wrapping Up

A common planning problem is not allocating enough time to preparation and wrap-up. The problem is particularly acute with appointments on your calendar.

With Day Optimizer, you can keep your appointment on your calendar, but allocate more time in your daily schedule to account for preparation and wrap-up time like travel, reviewing notes and writing down action items.

The result: more realistic planning of your day to account for the time required for each commitment.

Navigate Your Day Visually

A schedule is a roadmap for your day, helping you to see when you get off track so you can correct your course.

But not every day goes to plan.

That’s why Day Optimizer shows you where you are within your day so you can make the trade-off decisions to get the right stuff done.

The height of each commitment indicates how much time it takes. As time passes, the times on the right-hand side are greyed out, so you’ll always know where you are in your day.

As you check things off, the time projections at the top of the schedule will always tell you how much remaining effort you have in your day and when you’ll end your day if you attempt to get it all done.

Finally, to help you regain control of your time, you can mark items as Skip Today to remove them from consideration for the rest of your day, helping you to stay focused on the items that matter most.

Ready to Get Started?

Day Optimizer is not just a day planning app, it’s an entire methodology that will transform how you plan your day. To help you get started, we are offering free one-on-one coaching sessions.

During the session, we’ll work with you to identify the best way to implement the Day Optimizer system for your current time management challenges and teach you how to start using Day Optimizer to regain control of your time.

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