Stop Estimating Your Time—Do This Instead

You’re probably familiar with the concept of time estimation, but have you heard about time allocation? What exactly is the difference between estimating your time and allocating your time? Accurately estimating time is hard.  Time estimation is both an art and a science. For repetitive and simple tasks, you can … Read more

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Get The Most Out of Your Downtime: Learn to Slack

“Slacking off is wrong. You’re harming your progress whenever you’re taking breaks and not staying 100% focused on your goals.” Have you heard this before? It’s a common thing in the workplace and sometimes we end up applying this mentality in our personal lives as well. But what if I … Read more

Stop Throwing Boomerangs!

The Pitfalls of Automation: Why Manual Planning Still Wins

Technology tools are created each day. Their purpose? They make our life easier.  The same goes for auto-schedulers. These tools use artificial intelligence to create your schedule. Their promoters bring up arguments like saving time and leaving guesswork off the table when comparing auto-schedulers to manually planning your day. But … Read more

Time Estimation vs Allocation: What’s the Difference?

Tasks and activities come in different shapes and forms. We must understand how much time to spend on each of them for better management of our days. What happens when we are faced with a new task, for example? How do we know how much time to spend on it … Read more

Introducing Matt Ames, the new co-founder of Day Optimizer

Building a startup is hard work. I’ve been developing Day Optimizer over the past few years alone. Many of you have watched as I created a structured methodology aimed at helping you build realistic daily plans, and then implemented that methodology into the desktop + mobile web application that is … Read more

Why “Zero Notifications” Is Unproductive

Yesterday I was a guest on The Mark Struczewski Podcast. One of the things we talked about was the “zero notification” productivity hack, and why it was unproductive—it wastes time to check for updates which are important but infrequent, and sometimes important and urgent situations arise that require attention. Yet, … Read more

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Guest Spot

I was recently interviewed by Keri Roberts on the Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things podcast about my entrepreneurship journey over four businesses, including Day Optimizer, my current startup. Some of the topics we covered include: What worked and what didn’t with my previous businesses How to know when you need … Read more

One Big Tip Guest Spot

I was recently interviewed by Jeff Mendelson on the One Big Tip podcast. Some of the topics we covered include: To find out my One Big Tip, listen to the episode below or on the web site, or read the transcript. Let me guess you signed up for every free … Read more